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Turn Your Big Data Into Big Insights

Effective Data Management fuels Profound Insights

A robust data and analytics strategy forms the cornerstone of every business transformation.

We aid in implementing reliable practices that pave the way for sustainable growth:

How we help

Information holds immense power. Thriving in the present and future demands leveraging data collection effectively, constructing predictive models, and executing informed strategies. Achieving this necessitates advanced tools and expertise, an arena where our proficiency shines.

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Become a Data-Driven

Make impactful data-driven decisions by utilizing Azure, AWS, and GCP’s serverless analytics platforms, paired with Celestial’s migration, management, and engineering services. We prioritize vital data points, shift on-premise databases to the cloud, and craft a cloud-centric strategy in line with your business goals.

Simplify Data Lake

Convert raw data into actionable insights affordably. Migrate to Azure, AWS, or Google Cloud for cost savings and scalability. Optimize computing capacity or build a cloud-native data lake for flexible workloads.

Data Warehousing for Scalable Analytics

Boost agility, cut costs, fortify data security, and drive informed decisions in complex scenarios. Leveraging Celestial’s prowess in Databricks, snowflake, azure data lake, PostgreSQL, aws redshift, google big query, and more, swiftly generate actionable insights.

Democratize Data Analytics for Insights​

Craft precise predictive models sans coding hassles. Employ dataiku, azure data factory, aws glue, and similar tools for scalable analytics apps, processing massive real-time data streams for immediate insights. Act on customer sentiment, personalize experiences, identify fraud, and optimize app features swiftly.

Tech Stack

Our data engineering team has expertise working with large datasets to solve various business challenges. Starting with understanding the data using deep data analytics, then migrating it to the desired destination & finally displaying the end product through robust data visualization.

Tailored Modernization for Your Industry

Why Celestial?

Strategic Advisory, Values, and Insights to help Business Modernize Applications.

Global Talent Pool
(Engineers, Project Managers)

High seniority level and technical skills. Local presence across North America.

Highest Quality On Time

Responsive partner that anticipates change and adapts.


Start small and scale your team up or down whenever you need it.

Newest Trends & Practices

We keep updating our practices according to the new age tech.

Turn your Big Data into Big Insights​​

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