An E-Commerce Platform
Offering Clothing-as-a-service

Services Offered


UI/UX Consulting


App Development


App Modernization

The Client

Supply Wisdom’s solution helps transform how supply chains, procurement and third-party risk leaders manage risk and operational resilience. It helps clients minimize the risks of disruption faced by their business, supply chains and third parties. In near real-time and across the widest risk aperture, the solution provides continuous third-party and location risk intelligence and risk actions.

Dissecting Problem

Business Requirement


User Persona

Uses the app to rent gently used clothes as a subscription

Uses the app to gift subscriptions

Uses the app to manage products, customers, and subscriptions

Uses the app to rent out their products

Building the initial user experience

Designed with the intent to offer clothing as a Service, Tradle is an e-commerce platform that helps its customers to rent or buy baby clothing as a subscription. The entire process of renting/buying required a high-end application to render the complete functionality. For this, we designed a fully functional web application with real-time data insights from user requirements. Moreover, the design effectively brought in a high-end, customized inventory management system to migrate the process from manual to automated.

The Interactive Prototype Design



Brainstorm the product features, from the design of child’s profile to custom clothing bundles and premium subscription screens



Use the real-time data insights to create a scaled down version of the product on an experimental phase



Perform different user tests to validate the usability of the application

Building the initial user experience

One of the biggest challenges was to architect and develop an advanced inventory management system. Considering the complex nature of the backend process – rent/subscribe, use, return/exchange, clean/recycle, put back on the market – we had to come up with a fully customized system to handle the intricate work cycle. All clothing will be tagged using RFID tags, whose data must be effectively logged and assessed to provide actionable insights into the reusability of different brands of clothing.

” If there was a way to press a button and have a fresh set of proper-fitting clothes delivered to my door, instead of having to go shopping for new ones with a crying baby, then my life would be forever grateful. ” – Happy Mom

Technology Used :

Project Execution

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