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DataShapes is an AI-powered software company that develops solutions to transform signals and waveforms into actionable intelligence. The company’s software is used in a variety of industries to deliver real-time, trustable intelligence at the speed of streaming data.


Netskrt is an innovative company offering an edge Content Delivery Network (eCDN) solution that optimizes streaming video performance, ensuring access from remote or constrained network locations, benefiting industries like airlines, railways, and internet service providers.


SkillNet is a platform focused on skill measurement and upskilling that assesses individual and organizational capabilities, identifies skill gaps, and automates personal development plans. SkillNet’s approach enhances employee performance and engagement y providing data-driven insights for upskilling programs.


Cognare  is a provider of Custom Software Product Development services across a wide variety of Web Technologies. In a recent engagement, Celestial Systems helped Cognare in developing and maintaining the user interface and user experience components for an enterprise customer application.


PCU System is an estimating and cost control SAAS platform with the flexibility to provide a complete solution for almost any industry, project phase, and execution strategy.


ViewsML is a SaaS digital health company revolutionizing spatial biology for translational research and companion diagnostics using AI deep learning.

Celestial Systems collaborated with ViewsML to test and enhance virtualized immunohistochemistry solution predicts biomarker expression with high spatial precision has provided them with a transformed application structure, resulting in a smoother user journey.

We established an efficient QA process, created comprehensive test cases, and implemented automation. This approach improved product quality, identified defects, and optimized performance, all while working seamlessly with ViewsML team across different time zones. Their agile methodology and regular client communication ensured a successful project outcome

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