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Supply Wisdom

Supply Wisdom revolutionizes risk management for supply chains, procurement, and third-party risk leaders, offering real-time risk intelligence and actions to enhance operational resilience and minimize disruptions across a broad risk spectrum.

Celestial Systems successfully modernized two critical applications for Supply Wisdom, addressing real-time risk analysis and risk action needs. The project encountered challenges in team coordination and a linear execution pattern, leading to the adoption of an agile approach. Work was segmented into sprints, with extensive business analysis sessions aligning UI design with backend functionality.

This strategy improved efficiency, usability, and performance. Supply Wisdom appreciated the team’s integrity, resulting in a long-term partnership, solidifying the benefits of enhanced applications for risk management and operational resilience.

Metron Aviation

Metron Aviation (An Airbus Company) is a global leader in aviation software, specializing in Air Traffic Management solutions. They serve a wide range of clients, including ANSPs, airlines, airports, and government agencies, with a focus on delivering exceptional services and innovative solutions for the aviation industry.


TroveWorks, a prominent player in the competitive Fintech sector, is dedicated to transforming accounts receivable management through automation.


360Learning, a collaborative learning platform, fosters shared learning and development initiatives for teams and organizations. Their emphasis on teamwork allows users to create, share, and participate in diverse learning content, enhancing training programs and skill development.


ViewsML is a SaaS digital health company revolutionizing spatial biology for translational research and companion diagnostics using AI deep learning.

Celestial Systems collaborated with ViewsML to test and enhance virtualized immunohistochemistry solution predicts biomarker expression with high spatial precision has provided them with a transformed application structure, resulting in a smoother user journey.

We established an efficient QA process, created comprehensive test cases, and implemented automation. This approach improved product quality, identified defects, and optimized performance, all while working seamlessly with ViewsML team across different time zones. Their agile methodology and regular client communication ensured a successful project outcome

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Shiftboard is a leading provider of employee scheduling software for shift-based operations in mission-critical industries

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