Tier 1 Energy Major

Sustainable Energy Enterprise
Enterprise Asset Management
Enable Digital Transformation to accelerate energy sustainability

Service Offered


UI/UX Consulting


App Development


App Modernization


App Optimization


Celestial helped optimize and modernize the client’s Enterprise Asset Management (EAM) system designed for enterprise customers to manage, monitor, and schedule repairs of their assets. Enterprise assets could be Transformers, Substations, Power Grids, Railway Tracks, Trains, Cargo, Depos that hold cargo, etc.

Dissecting Problem

Business Requirement


Team Composition

With multiple kinds of services being provided, Celestial included members from the following teams:

Collaborative Work Culture

The scale of the app and diverse functional requirements saw Celestial assemble a team of diverse skill sets who had to interact with multiple teams from the client’s end to arrive at a holistic and feasible solution. This saw us collaborate with a lot of different entities, gather inputs, and provide solutions. Feedback received from multiple quarters was consolidated to arrive at a solution conducive to the different stakeholders involved.

Technology Used :


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