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Whether your goals are to increase sales, detect fraud, automate processes, perform predictive analysis, or deliver personalized
customer experiences, we can help your developers, data scientists, and data engineers bring their ideas to life

Key Benefits

Scalability and

Cost savings

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Better productivity

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Improved decision making

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Supply chain optimization

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Better data access

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Low processing

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Predictive analytics &
business intelligence

How we help

Elevate your business with advanced data analytics, predictive modeling, and scalable AI applications. Our solution empowers you to unlock insights, streamline operations, and stay ahead in today’s dynamic business landscape. Harness the synergy of cloud and AI for transformative results with our Cloud AI solution.

Cloud Security Posture Management (CSPM)

Celestial’s experts are ready to help you modernize and build a strong Data Foundation for AI. Our cloud migration engineering teams enable you to build your data warehouse on the cloud, the foundation for organizations that want to leverage machine intelligence to make proactive business choices. We have the expertise to help you throughout your data analytics journey, unlocking the tools you need to start adopting and operationalizing AI.

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Make AI Accessible to all your Data Scientists

Our teams will help your data scientists to take advantage of advanced machine learning technologies. We’ll help you bridge the gap between developers and data scientists by equipping you with the tools you need to train, enhance and deploy highly accurate machine learning models to fit mission critical use cases with pretrained models, plug-and-play AI building blocks, and end-to-end AI data pipelines.

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Attract and retain

Celestial will help you personalize the entire customer journey using AI and Machine Learning solutions. Whether you want to engage your customers with always-on chatbots, boost sales with virtual shopping assistants and customized product recommendations, or infuse apps with sight, language, and conversation features, we have the expertise to take your AI projects from ideation to deployment, quickly and cost-effectively.

Tech Stack

Cloud AI utilizes a powerful technology stack that combines cloud computing and artificial intelligence. This integrated stack ensures smooth technologies integration, enabling the development, deployment, and management of advanced AI solutions within the Cloud AI framework.

Manage Cloud Services

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Planning and Design

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Tailored Modernization for Your Industry

Why Celestial?

Strategic Advisory, Values, and Insights to help Business Modernize Applications.

Expert CloudOps Team

High seniority level and technical skills. Local presence across North America.

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Vendor-Agnostic Approach

Responsive partner that anticipates change and adapts.

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Client-Centric Approach

Start small and scale your team up or down whenever you need it.

Global Talent Pool

We keep updating our practices according to the new age tech.

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