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The customer wanted Celestial to reorganize and optimize their TechOps process which primarily revolved around the provisioning of Cloud Infrastructure. The end goal was to save costs, improve the monitoring solutions, and advancement of infrastructure management.

Dissecting Problem

Business Requirement


Celestial’s Solution

Celestial team helped standardize and optimize the escalation process. What used to be handled by emails sent to multiple people with no specific task assignment was moved to a JIRA ticketing system. Each escalation now has a ticket raised for it and the updates to the same can be tracked via the ticket itself.

We helped the client optimize the tool usage by shortlisting a few tools that would meet requirements as opposed to the large number of tools they already had installed. This ensured that monitoring and management were made much simpler.

We also designed the whole stack keeping cost-effectiveness in mind as that was a prime concern for the client. The plan going forward is to keep optimizing and standardizing the tools used and ensuring security for the same. To keep learning more about the system and re-architecting it as per new findings continues to be a key objective.


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