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Celestial deployed a multi-tenant SaaS application to the production-grade Azure cloud Infrastructure for our client, Datashapes.

This same concept can be extended to other SaaS applications that may have similar use-case/requirements. The idea was to plan, design and implement an architecture that is highly available, scalable and secure.

Dissecting Problem

Know the Client

A San Francisco Bay Area company, that is commercializing the patented, full-stack, market-ready DataShapes AI platform, in an enterprise-grade SaaS platform

Business Requirement


The main challenge was infrastructure resource provisioning. To avoid the wastage of resources, the resource allocation should be in such a way that, it should support multi-tenancy without having too many overheads in terms of resources

Celestial’s Solution

Celestial DevOps team assisted in planning, designing, and implementing the architecture that could support multi-tenant functionality of the SaaS application. We designed a solution based on the Azure ecosystem in allocating dedicated resources for each new tenant onboarded.


Dedicated and isolated set of resources for each tenant onboarded


The application resource sets should be able to auto-scale themselves to improve performance


Offers a high level of operational performance and quality over a relevant time period


Access of the DevOps/Admin team to the infrastructure should be authenticated via Azure AD

Technology Used :


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