Application Transformation

Revitalize, Modernize, and Innovate

Application Modernization and Product Engineering

Application modernization is the process of updating an organization’s existing apps to a cloud-first model. In addition to modernizing apps themselves, a critical element of any organization’s long-term strategy should be to modernize its approach to app development, also known as Developer Velocity. Celestial helps customers with modernizing developer teams, tools and processes to maximize their productivity, collaboration, and work quality

Transformation Strategy



Cost Optimization

Operational Excellence

Performance Efficiency

How we help

We enable our clients to innovate faster and capitalize on favorable market conditions by adopting modern application frameworks. 

Amplify Innovation​

Your cloud-native app development journey starts with a spark of inspiration and full stack engineering (Java, C#, .Net, SQL, ReactJS, Angular JS, Ext JS/Sencha, Linux, iOS and Android Platforms). Your developers will be much more productive with the tools and best practices that can bring your vision to life. Leveraging the cloud, you’ll experience the benefits of modern functionality like serverless, microservices, and containers while simplifying development and eliminating technical debt.

Build, Deploy, and Optimize

We will empower you with the tools you need to build Mobile-first, modern apps with embedded analytics. You can modernize your apps with an extensible, continuous integration and delivery pipeline to port, change, and redeploy apps across on-premise and hybrid / public cloud environments.

Accelerate Time to Market​

Switching from monolithic legacy software to microservices allows projects to move at the speed of your fastest developer. We help our customers create abstractions for infrastructure management, auto-scaling and dynamic resource allocation, simplifying development and accelerating time to market.

Protect Your Data & Systems, 24/7 ​

Irrespective of your industry, threats like phishing, ransomware, and DoS attacks demand serious attention. Our top-notch security experts at Celestial are ready to bolster your defenses. We proactively address new attack vectors, navigate changing regulations, and safeguard your cloud data and customer systems, ensuring your business remains secure.

Modernize Infrastructure​

Optimize your IT infrastructure for enhanced scalability, performance, and cost-efficiency. Our modernization…..

Tech Stack

Celestial Systems product engineering teams have expertise in UX designing, fusing front and back-end technologies, quality, and test automation, modernize application with Cloud-Native, Microservices architecture with latest technology framework including advanced analytics and application optimization for performance and security compliance.

Our Capabilities

UI/UX Consulting

Designing experiences that inspire

Our journey begins with UI/UX Consulting, where we lay the foundation for immersive customer experiences. Our team of expert designers and strategists collaborates closely with you to understand your business objectives and target audience. Through in-depth user research and customer journey mapping, we gain valuable insights that shape the design strategy.In this phase, we create intuitive, customer-centric interfaces that inspire users. From crafting visually appealing designs to ensuring seamless navigation and interactions, every detail is meticulously considered. Read More..

Application Development

Building solutions for tomorrow 

Once the design vision is defined, we move on to Application Development. Our skilled development teams leverage agile methodologies and cutting-edge technologies to turn your ideas into functional products. The collaboration between design and engineering ensures that the applications we create are not only visually appealing but also robust, scalable, and secure, delivering world-class experience.Whether it's web and mobile applications or enterprise solutions, we prioritize clean code, cost-effective MVP and future-ready architecture. Through continuous collaboration and regular milestones, we ensure that the development process aligns with your business goals and meets the highest standards of quality. Read More..

Application Modernization 

Staying relevant, agile and futuristic

As technology evolves, so must your applications. In the Application Modernization phase, we assess your existing systems to identify areas for improvement and growth. Our experts strategically upgrade your legacy applications to modern; Tech framework upgrades, update microservices architecture and seamlessly integrate new functionalities. We ensure that your applications are compatible with the latest technologies and comply with security standards. Modernize your applications to embrace emerging trends, capitalize on new opportunities, and respond swiftly to changing market demands. Read More..

Application Optimization 

Performance, security, and efficiency 

Application Optimization is the final step in our process, where we fine-tune your applications for peak performance, fortified security, and streamlined efficiency. Our experts conduct comprehensive performance testing and implement robust DevSecOps practices to ensure your applications remain resilient against potential vulnerabilities. We optimize your applications for cost-effectiveness and efficiency, ensuring that they deliver superior user experiences while maximizing your return on investment. Through continuous monitoring and proactive maintenance, we ensure that your products remain at the forefront of technology and user expectations. Read More..

Tailored Modernization for Your Industry

Why Celestial ?​

By partnering with us, you gain access to cutting-edge technologies, human-centric design, and a commitment to delivering excellence at every stage. 

Cutting-Edge Expertise 

Our team stays at the forefront of technological advancements, utilizing the latest tools and methodologies.

Innovative Solutions 

We pride ourselves on turning ideas into reality and driving innovation within your products. 

Strategic Approach  

Understanding your users is our priority, ensuring products resonate with your target audience. 

Agility and Scalability 

Our solutions are designed to adapt and scale seamlessly as your business evolves.

data and analytics icon

Data-Driven Decision Making 

We harness the power of data analytics and AI to drive informed development choices. 

Security at the Core 

Our commitment to DevSecOps ensures your product is fortified against modern threats. 

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