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The Client

Supply Wisdom’s solution helps transform how supply chains, procurement and third-party risk leaders manage risk and operational resilience. It helps clients minimize the risks of disruption faced by their business, supply chains and third parties. In near real-time and across the widest risk aperture, the solution provides continuous third-party and location risk intelligence and risk actions.

Dissecting Problem


Business Requirement



Project Execution

We followed an agile methodology in the execution of the project. Work was broken down into sprints which were then taken up as per the plan.

UI Design and Backend​

To make effective usage of resources, the initial few sprints were dedicated to UI designs and API creation. This involved extensive business analysis sessions with the Supply Wisdom team. Both these being planned and executed together ensured that what’s desired by the UI is served from the backend and vice versa.

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Frontend development was started once we had a good number of screens designed and corresponding APIs developed. This ensured that the work pipeline was flowing.

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Quality Assurance

True to an Agile process, the QA resources were involved since the beginning to ensure that they could be aware of business requirements and so that they could share their valuable feedback during the analysis sessions.

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DevOps team was involved in the project on an as-needed basis. Since our DevOps team was maintaining the infrastructure for these applications, they were involved periodically during the lifecycle.

Execution Cycle for Modules


A module-wise execution and release schedule was identified, execution and delivery were done on the same.


Regular sync up with the Supply Wisdom team was required to ensure the integrity of UI screens designed and to ensure API creation was on track and as desired.


UAT releases were made at scheduled intervals and UAT was performed by the Supply Wisdom team who were accompanied by the Celestial team with bug fixes and testing.


Technology Used :

Project Execution

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