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Celestial Systems Celestial Systems

Celestial Systems Metron Aviation

Leading the way in Air Traffic Management

An Air Traffic Flow Management Solution

Develop . Modernize . Automate

Aviation -Celestial Systems Industry: Aviation

Celestial Systems
Services Offered
UIUX Consulting - Celestial Systems

UI/UX Consulting

App Development - Celestial Systems

App Development

App Modernization - Celestial Systems

App Modernization


Metron Aviation is a global leader providing Air Traffic Management Systems. Air traffic management challenges are complex and ever-changing, but with the client’s customized solutions in ATM and Air Traffic Flow Management (ATFM), global customers and partners can proactively plan for and address the challenges. Celestial provided Ext JS services to the client for developing new functionality and modernizing their existing in-house application. We were also required to architect, develop, and maintain the automation of their QA practices.

Celestial Systems


  • Architect, develop and maintain a test automation suite
  • Design UI/UX screens for the new and existing modules
  • Fix existing bugs in their applications
  • Build new features for their application
  • Upgrade the Ext JS version of three existing applications
Business Requirement -  Celestial Systems

Celestial Solution

Celestial Systems
Celestial Systems
  • Multiple requirement gathering sessions with Metron’s teams
  • Catering UI/UX to a very niche audience
  • Provided optimized and effective screens
  • Ease of access, clarity of functionality, and non-ambiguity of interaction elements
Celestial Systems
Celestial Systems
Celestial Systems
Automation Suite
  • Researched on the current application
  • Identified tools for automation
  • Presented a Proof of Concept
  • Developed and implemented Automation Suite
  • Used for validation of Daily Builds
  • Test Suite of 50+ test cases
Celestial Systems
Development & Bug Fixes
  • Collaborated with Metron teams to understand requirements
  • Identified and fixed bugs in the existing in-house application
  • Developed several new functionalities
  • Helped override pre-defined Sencha component class
  • Introduced a static config for all Ext JS components, which helped with the automation test script
Celestial Systems
Celestial Systems
Celestial Systems
Version Upgrade

Our engineers provided a version upgrade for three applications running on older versions of Ext JS. This helped the team to start using the latest features and functions used by Ext JS, thereby increasing the capabilities of the applications.

Technology Used

Celestial Systems
Celestial Systems
Celestial Systems
Celestial Systems
Celestial Systems
Celestial Systems


Celestial Systems
Increased QA automation efficiency – lesser time to release new builds
Celestial Systems
Ext JS version upgrades – improved user interaction and application capabilities
Celestial Systems
On-going engagement for a year – continuous improvements to the app and automation suite
Celestial Systems
Test Automation Suite – saved cost, effort, and time

Celestial Systems

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