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TroveWorks is a comprehensive accounts receivable management solution, automating invoice collections with precision and efficiency. It empowers users to significantly reduce collection time by an impressive 50%, maintain strong cash flow, and enhance payroll and investment forecasting accuracy. Despite being a startup, Troveworks envisioned an overhaul of their UI/UX design to align seamlessly with the expectations of their diverse clientele, prioritizing usability and visibility. Available as a desktop application for both macOS and Windows, TroveWorks seamlessly integrates with various external applications like QuickBooks, Zuora, Xero, NetSuite, and Sage Intacct. It leverages Stripe for subscription and payment processing while utilizing Google and Microsoft email services for seamless communication.


Google Implementation:

Initially, we attempted Google Mail service integration using Nodemailer, but faced scope approval issues, leading us to develop a custom solution with a different scope to meet Google’s requirements.

Microsoft Implementation:

In integrating with Microsoft mail services, we explored existing SDK methods but encountered challenges due to ineffective methods and poor documentation. We crafted our solution carefully considering Microsoft’s service limitations.

Stripe Implementation:

TroveWorks utilises Stripe for subscription and payments. During implementation, we dealt with a partially implemented system, addressing challenges like subscription downgrades and handling subscriptions when users remove all payment cards.

Multi-Tenant Implementation:

When implementing multi-tenancy, we had to choose between two approaches: using single email and password login credentials across organisations or providing distinct login credentials for each organisation. This decision was pivotal and required careful consideration of the implications and benefits of each approach.

Development of Teams, Groups and Assign Collectors:

Troveworks allows users to create teams, groups, and assign collectors, with interconnected data manipulation. We transitioned group development from a local to a remote database, and custom table features were created to fulfil required functionalities not supported by AG-grid.

Syncing data from local to cloud and vice versa:

We established seamless data synchronisation between the user’s local and cloud data. This involved creating middleware to capture write operations, store them locally, and sync them remotely without any user visibility. To enhance efficiency, Celestial team optimised SQL queries during bulk data uploads, achieving a high level of performance. Additionally, we addressed a backend performance issue by analyzing and configuring AWS (Amazon Web Services), such as PostgreSQL and EC2, leading to client-approved proposals.

Technology Used :

Architectural Design

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The project’s first phase aimed at developing the Essentials edition of the TROVEworks product. The current project scope extends to the second phase, introducing features from the Pro and Team editions. The vision for Phase 3 looms large, especially as the app gears up for its debut on the app store.


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