Web Application Security – A Closer Look at NetSparker and Its Key Features


Web Application Security is a branch of information security that deals specifically with the security of websites, web applications and web services. With the emergence of Web 2.0 increased information sharing through social networks and other businesses adoption of the Web as a means of doing business on the web has led to increased attacks and as a result, security on web apps has increasingly become of greater importance.


Security in Web Apps is to determine potential security threats and detect the vulnerabilities in the web application. The majority of the web application vulnerabilities are namely XSS, CSRF, and SQLi.

Why Security Testing?

Security testing is important to establish these basic concepts in Security which are:<

  1. Confidentiality – Information should be accessible to only those with authorized access
  2. Integrity – A measure intended to allow the receiver to determine that the information which it is providing is correct
  3. Authentication – Establishes the identity of the user
  4. Authorization – The User should receive a service or perform an action for which he has permission
  5. Availability – Information and communication services should be ready at any time, as needed
  6. Non-repudiation – Prevent later denial that an action happened

When to start Security Testing?

Network Security testing is usually started once the functionality, integrity and system testing is complete and when the product is about to be released. However, depending on the application and client needs, Security testing can be integrated as a part of CI in order to constantly check for vulnerabilities and make tracking easy.


NetSparker is a Security Testing tool for web applications, websites and web-services. It finds security flaws in your websites, web applications and web services, It runs on all types of application regardless of platform and technology.

NetSparker is one of the most soughed tools in security testing of the web applications.

It has two versions

  1. Desktop Scanner
  2. Cloud Scanner

Key Features of NetSparker

  1. We can customize the scope of testing in terms of URLs or API’s to be tested.
  2. The detected vulnerability can be re-tested if found as per user’s choice.
  3. Flexibility in configuring scan reports.
  4. It has multiple scan modes like Incremental, Full scan and Scheduled scan.
  5. In reporting vulnerability and its variant, technical details, and PoC.
  6. Suggests remedy and how to solve the vulnerability.
  7. Categorization of Reports Generation.

Other Tools

There are few other tools similar to NetSparker like Acunetix, Ammonite. NetSparker provides better features such as comprehensive report generation, better vulnerability detection and better remedy suggestions.

Vulnerability Re-TesterYesNoNo
Web Service ScannerYesYesNo
CGI ScannerYesNoYes
Licensed SoftwareYesNoYes

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