Celestial at Everyday AI Summit, SFO: Get the Insider Insights

A recent study projects that AI has the potential to generate a $25.6 trillion in additional economic value globally. 73% of U.S. companies use AI in some aspect of their business, highlighting its widespread adoption.

Celestial Systems, a leader in Data Management and AI Enablement, recently participated as a partner and sponsor of the Everyday AI Summit hosted by Dataiku in San Francisco. This exciting event brought together industry experts, businesses, and enthusiasts to explore what leaders predict for the next phases of data science & AI and its practical applications across various sectors and use cases.

Event Overview

The concept of “Everyday AI” envisions AI as a fundamental component of daily business operations, driving efficiency, innovation, and competitive advantage, making it an indispensable tool for modern enterprises. The summit’s focus resonated deeply with Celestial Systems’ mission of democratizing AI.

The event was packed with engaging sessions and keynotes from leading AI experts, covering the latest advancements and applications of AI. Highlights included deep dives into machine learning innovations and data science tools, insights on AI deployment strategies, and discussions on future trends.

Learning from Real-world Applications

The Everyday AI Summit in San Franciso provided a platform for sharing real-world success stories of AI implementation across diverse themes. Sessions delved into groundbreaking topics like Generative AI, Return on AI (RoAI), and the latest advancements in Dataiku, offering a comprehensive and future-oriented perspective. The focus was on practical applications that prioritize cost-effectiveness, sustainability, and measurable outcomes in AI development and deployment.

Accelerating AI Adoption

Some statistics of note:

  • 95% of tech leaders report challenges finding AI-skilled talent, and 65% of technology leaders said they have a skills gap within their department.

  • Effective data governance can significantly reduce costs associated with poor data quality, which can average $12.9 million per year for companies.

A key area of interest at the Everyday AI Summit was Celestial Systems’ Enterprise Data Service (EDS) offering, featuring the perfect combination of People (address internal talent gap in Data Engineering), Process (provide robust Data Governance & Oversight), and Technology (help migrate to proven platforms like Dataiku DSS). EDS includes our solution offerings for Data & Analytics that help customers to clean, prepare, analyze and visualize data, and Cloud AI that provides a comprehensive approach to confidently begin their AI journeys and achieve their strategic goals.

Building Connections and Fostering Collaboration

The networking opportunities were another highlight of the Everyday AI Summit in San Francisco. The event attracted a diverse audience, ranging from AI beginners to seasoned experts, creating a dynamic environment for knowledge sharing and networking. The Celestial Systems team had the chance to interact with potential partners and industry leaders, discuss the challenges and opportunities in AI implementation, and explore avenues for future cooperation. These interactions were invaluable in understanding the varying levels of AI adoption and the connections made will undoubtedly play a vital role in accelerating the development and deployment of innovative AI solutions. 

Celestial Systems: Your Partner in AI Enablement

The Everyday AI Summit served as a springboard for Celestial Systems to connect with technology peers to explore AI’s potential to revolutionize various industries and provided a glimpse into the future of AI.

Research says 75% of senior AI professionals report positive ROI from AI, and organizations that adopt AI strategies are more likely to create significant value. As we continue to collaborate with Dataiku, we are committed to supporting businesses with the tools and expertise needed to develop and deploy AI capabilities at scale and leverage the transformative power of AI.

We are excited to continue driving innovation and creating impactful AI solutions with Dataiku. For those who couldn’t attend, we invite you to explore how Celestial Systems and Dataiku can support your AI initiatives. Reach out to our team to learn more about our Enterprise Data Service and how we can help you leverage the power of AI.

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