Celestial Adds Idera,
FusionCharts to its Global Systems Integration Lineup

Celestial Adds Idera, Inc.'s FusionCharts to its Global Systems Integration Lineup

FusionCharts, an Idera, Inc. company, and Celestial Systems today announce a global partnership to ensure customers have access to enterprise-class, full-stack systems integrations for customized and supported FusionCharts deployments.

VANCOUVER, British Columbia – July 22, 2020

Headquartered in Vancouver, Canada, Celestial Systems has 200+ deeply experienced software engineers and is a leading provider of enterprise software solutions and integration services to its global clients.

“In today’s highly competitive business environment, software capability and the development of visual business applications continue to be driving factors in a company’s success-essentially, all companies need to become software companies. By becoming a certified FusionCharts partner, we are investing in our Idera relationship, but more importantly, investing in the customer to translate the power of FusionCharts into effective, responsive, easy to use business applications.”

Sanjay Raina

Founder and CEO of Celestial Systems

FusionCharts empowers developers to build user-friendly, visually appealing dashboards for web and mobile projects. The company’s products include FusionCharts Suite XT, FusionTime and FusionExport charting libraries that offer 100+ interactive charts and 2,000+ data-driven maps, furthering Idera’s ongoing investments in JavaScript developer productivity.

“The visualization of mission-critical data plays a critical role in today’s enterprise applications. FusionCharts allows developers to easily convert data into engaging visualizations that are key to effective and fast-paced decision making for the business. FusionCharts expands Idera’s JavaScript developer reach and further solidifies our position as the go-to source for JS components.”

Kegan Blumenthal

General Manager of Idera’s JavaScript brands.

Using FusionCharts JavaScript charting software and Celestial’s expert React JavaScript services, joint customer SkillNet Technologies successfully expanded their capabilities for a large insurance company by helping them better visualize skills and benchmark staff and managers.

“SkillNet helps organizations conduct Skill assessments to build a talent inventory, the first step to upskilling programs -a significant problem in many global companies. The FusionCharts-Celestial partnership helps us better visualize the skill data so we can target upskilling programs with personalized employee development programs for our customers.”

Mike Kritzman

SkillNet Founder and CEO

About Celestial Systems:

Celestial Systems has been synonymous with Enterprise Software development since 2001. Our goal is to deliver mission critical enterprise apps to customers globally. Coming from a long lineage of JavaScript frameworks, Celestial has deep expertise in several Frontend & Backend JavaScript technologies. By leveraging our 200+ in house developers worldwide, our mantra is to deliver high level enterprise quality in an extremely cost efficient manner.

About FusionCharts:

Whether you’re building dashboards for desktop or mobile, with simple or complex data, FusionCharts has you covered. Since 2002, FusionCharts has been downloaded more than 1.4 million times by 750,000+ JavaScript developers worldwide. Helping the world communicate and understand data effectively is our mission.

About SkillNet:

SkillNet works with companies to implement a unique system that uses 360 Skill Assessments to identify and develop your top performing employees. We help firms increase employee performance and engagement while tracking talent to help effectively build successful teams.

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