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Netskrt’s edge Content Delivery Network (eCDN) uses edge caching to make streaming video possible anywhere. As consumers increasingly get their news and entertainment from internet streaming services, they expect to access these services from anywhere – on the train, on airplanes, in remote areas, and rural communities. Airlines, railways, and internet service providers are all struggling to meet this demand due to constrained or unreliable network connections. Netskrt’s eCDN is the solution – intelligently caching content, improving the performance of streaming video and other Wi-Fi applications, and at the same time, reducing demand on the backhaul network.

Dissecting Problem

Business Requirement


Celestial’s Solution

We implemented a manual testing solution that covers multiple kinds of Functional Testing – Smoke, Sanity, Regression, Compatibility, Integration, System, Exploratory, Playability Testing, etc. In automation, we also automated basic Smoke Testing and about 30% of the manual test case.


Test Case Writing

We divided the test cases based on core functional areas of the product and started working on creating a base set. Over time, we built on this to cover all major functionalities.



We started by understanding the product and having multiple calls with Netskrt to understand the product and the requirement.


Identify tool for writing Test Cases

Since Netskrt team was already using Atlassian, we chose Zephyr Scale which integrates well with their product.


Set up Query Sheets

Query sheets were shared with client. Since the teams were in different time zones, this worked as a collaboration platform – to record our queries and their answers.



Once we had enough test cases and had gained enough understanding of the product, automation was brought into place. For Automation, we have a Page Object Model (POM) based pytest automation framework that covers all kinds of test cases – UI, DB, and CLI.

Project Execution

Technology Used :


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