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Cruise Plastic Surgery is a healthcare organization that provides comprehensive outpatient surgical services for patients having plastic/cosmetic surgery. MedGuide is a content management application where the complete patient medical history is maintained using patient timelines. By utilizing the flexible and dynamic form builder, Doctor/User can create any type of form in MedGuide without any engineering expertise.

By providing multiple basic form field additions to the forms like Header (H1, H2, H3, Protocol Group), Date Picker, Dropdown (Single Select, Multi Select), Check Box (Single Select, Multi Select), Radio Button, Input Box, Label, Image, MedGuide allows users to create forms with great ease. In addition, there are options such as Complex Forms (collection of form components), Image Slider and Page Component. Pre-built templates can also be used to create new forms.

A Complex Form is the collection of form components, Image Slider & Page Component. Also, users can utilize pre-built templates to create new components, or they can create new templates from the existing template in MedGuide. In the timeline, we have a Progression Section and Protocol Section. The progression Section helps to track and maintain a record of the patient’s progress and the Protocol section helps maintain patient data.

MedGuide-SSR is a view-only application integrated with the public website which helps with marketing. This only showcases the relevant information to people who visit the public website.

Dissecting Problem


Business Requirement



Lots of fields related to patient data required studying the system extensively and planning accordingly

Our Solution

We proposed GraphQL for data flexibility at the BE and React for FE development as the primary technology stack with Context API for important data transfer across React Components, considering the complexity of the solution required. React was chosen as Component Driven Development (CDD) was at the core of theMedGuide requirement. Provisions were provided to Super Admin and Doctor users to create any number of reusable templates. These templates can be used to create the timeline for patients, which can then be shared with other doctors or the patient. Created the interface in an easy-to-use manner.

Forms could be created without any prior expertise to include basic form fields in addition to Image Slider, Page component, etc. By using the CDD concept, we also created complex forms which are an amalgamation of different basic forms that can be used to store and register complex information like ailments and respective medications prescribed based on criteria like pain, level of infection, swelling, etc. To Secure the application we used Auth0.


Technical Architecture

We used a Two-Tier architecture in the application. We have a Presentation Layer and a Database Layer. In the Presentation Layer we used ReactJS with Context API to manage data flow from one component to another. We used Apollo Client to help GraphQL query fetch data from HASURA. For UI we used Material-UI. In the Database Layer we used Node.js, GraphQL, PostgreSQL with HASURA.






Development Process

We followed the Agile Development Methodology.


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