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CrewCord is a real time team collaboration and project management platform developed by Celestial Systems Inc. Looking at the current scenario and sudden change in work culture, it has now become necessary to gain a 360-degree view of where things stand. The idea behind was to create a virtual work hub, where the managers can assess the contribution as well as the availability of resources in a project. Overall, it is a cohesive solution for all internal teams to plan, collaborate, organize, and deliver projects on time & on point.

Dissecting Problem

Business Requirement


“The challenge was to design and build a mobile application for project management, that was less expensive and more usable than the existing applications in the market.”

The Architecture Phase

CrewCord is a SaaS application. We have created an architecture which is maintainable and easy to scale horizontally in terms of features. Each feature is independent and can be plugged in or out as per the requirement. This enables the product to be customized to any organization’s requirement.

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