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On-boarding Large Enterprise Customers onto the Cloud

Celestial Systems Industry: Finance/Banking

Celestial Systems Services Offered: CloudOps

Celestial Systems


While the majority of enterprises are moving mission-critical applications and workloads onto the cloud; ensuring a smooth transition from OnPrem to Cloud comes with its own set of challenges. Here, Customer A, one of the largest banks in the mid-western region of the United States, acquired Customer B, a large transportation finance business that was using our product and had an on-premises setup successfully running for many years.

Customer A, being a financial services firm, was faced with the question of hosting the products on-premises or having us host the solution.

Dissecting Problem



  • Create a new hosted environment for customer A
  • The data from customer B needed to be maintained separately
  • Migrate customer B’s data onto an independent hosted environment
  • Secure the data and integrate it with existing applications
  • Less turn-around time to set up the cloud environment
  • Less time-to-market


  • Adhering to Banking and Financial Industry security policies & procedures
  • Data sensitivity and data security were primary concerns voiced by customer A
  • Required a quick solution so that the existing customers would not be affected

Celestial’s Approach

By analyzing and understanding all the security concerns that customer A has put forth, the approach recommended was that the legacy data from the on-premises setup be transferred over a secure file transfer protocol using encryption. This ensured that protocols for security and reliability are met and maintained.

Celestial’s Solution

Customer A did not have to deal with the procuring and setting up of physical/virtualized infrastructure. Being a customer from the financial domain, although they did have their IT infrastructure in place, that wasn’t their primary area of expertise. So they would have to allocate more resources to manage and maintain the systems – in terms of performance and productivity. With Celestial hosting the solution, the operating expenses and capital expenses could be diverted elsewhere when the migration was done. License costs for the software stack would have been expensive and a hosted solution worked in their favour.


  • Customer A was assured of a highly reliable, secure environment that is scalable over time
  • Integration with existing systems – ADFS was done, which ensured a quick time to market
  • Maximum uptime and zero failure risk
  • Being a finance domain customer, the concerns regarding confidential data handling were mitigated by migrating the data onto a certified secure environment
  • 80% cost-cutting in IT resources management and maintenance
  • 80% increase in performance & productivity

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