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Adept -Organized – Goal-oriented


Adept -Organized – Goal-oriented

Security Testing

Secure Your Applications

With the cyber world becoming more-and-more vulnerable to attacks, security is something that cannot be compromised. Security testing services protects your application from ever growing cyber security threats that exist in the world of technology.

Why Security Testing is done?

Image Detect and arrange security threats
ImageMeet monitoring necessities and evade penalties
Image Circumvent the rate of network downtime
Image Protect customer loyalty and company image
Image Service disturbances and Security breaches are expensive

Why Celestial

Celestial helps enterprises better manage and mitigate security risks that lead to serious business consequences. With tremendous experience working with Fortune 500 companies and SMBs, security is one facet all our clientele is concerned with and is a key solution that we provide. Our experience in this niche area tells us that a mixture of manual testing and automatic analysis can contribute to a comprehensive security audit. Ours is a two-fold approach which ensures an end-to-end security assessment.

Celestial Security Testing Services

1.Web Application Security

Threat Modeling

To secure applications, the primary step is to know the threats to which they're exposed. Threat modeling makes it easier for businesses to grasp the lurking danger and adopt countermeasures.

Penetration Testing

Another way is to approach the application even as any real-world hacker would. External penetration testing should only be carried out by trustworthy individuals backed by certifications. Our penetration testers are EC-Council certified ethical hackers trained to spot and access precious digital assets exploiting inherent vulnerabilities in an application.

Source Code Review

Application source code review at Celestial combines several static code analysis tools such as FindBugs, Sonar, OWASP Orizon, Yasca, Spike with manual code review. We also use tools like Qasat to extract code fragments concerning highly critical features of an application like payment processing, transaction authentication and session management. With these snippets identified, our testers are well equipped for risk analysis at improved speed and efficiency.

Web Application Security Testing at Celestial
  • In line with international standards such as OWASP
  • Certified testers and ethical hackers
  • Ongoing research and development
  • Open source tools developed for audits and security scans
  • Active contribution to improve industry practices

2.Server Security

Server Penetration Testing

The aim of a penetration test is to spot server vulnerabilities. This can be performed with the assistance of various tools which augment the testers’ analysis. To assure clients of the compliance of our security processes with IT industry standards, we base our penetration test tools, assessment strategies and audit checklists on OISSG’s Information Systems Security Assessment Framework (ISSAF). While most penetration testing services end during a final report detailing the exposed vulnerabilities and proposals for his or her removal, we take the method to a subsequent level by implementing those corrective steps.

Server Hardening

Server hardening can be broken down into application and operating system (OS) levels.

Hardening at the server application layer constitutes
  • Fixing web server firewalls and disabling of HTTP trace requests, directory indexing etc.
  • Database hardening to guard against common vulnerabilities like SQL injections.
  • Disabling certain system level functions and hiding variables that would expose the server to malicious attacks.
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