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Adept -Organized – Goal-oriented


Adept -Organized – Goal-oriented

Performance Testing

Improve Speed, Stability and Scalability of your Software Application

Slow application performance is a crucial factor that has an impact on your marketing efforts, revenue, credibility, and customer satisfaction. At Celestial, we incorporate performance engineering techniques early into the software development life cycle to ensure applications are built to be reliable under normal as well as extreme conditions.

Why we do Performance Testing?

Image Assess the amenability of the system to growth
ImageIdentify weak points in the architecture
Image Detect bugs in the software that could not have been identified otherwise
Image Tune up the system
Image Verify resilience and reliability of the system

Why Celestial

With a vast experience of servicing enterprise clients for over 20 years, Celestial has been pioneering the cause for performance testing. Working with large enterprises and Fortune 500 companies, gives a whole new perspective to performance. The large and diverse user groups, the criticality of business processes, all point towards the same quality requirement – Performance. We have been serving high performance products to our customers for years now, we don’t see a reason why you shouldn’t avail it. If you are looking forward to improving the performance of your application, keep your users and, thereby, yourselves happy, please come talk to us.

Celestial - Performance Testing Services

1. Website Performance Optimization

Fast, efficient websites tend to draw in and retain visitors better. To accurately assess the efficiency of an internet site, we analyze the pages and its components employing a combination of tools. Based on the findings, the HTML code, style sheets, scripts and pictures are optimized to scale back load times and improve site performance to match industry standards.

2. Server-side Performance Testing

Server performance testing helps to gauge a server’s throughput, reaction time , CPU and memory usage, and assess the efficiency of the appliance and/or database servers.

3. Capacity planning and sizing assistance

Evaluate server calibre to spot the simplest suited one to host your application, considering expected load and web services used.

4. Geo-specific tests

Evaluation of server performance limited to a neighbourhood or geography.

5. Database monitoring

We monitor and capture server events to trace reaction time, query rates, resource utilization, and table locks and provide detailed health metrics.

6. Identifying bottlenecks

Coding errors or hardware problems can result in decrease of throughput. We investigate the case and proper faulty code or add additional hardware as needed.

7. Memory leaks

Check if your application features a memory leak and if so, resolve it.

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