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Streamline – Bridge - Deliver


Streamline – Bridge - Deliver

Continuous Integration and Continuous Delivery

Continuous Integration is a DevOps software development technique where developers regularly merge their code changes into a central repository, after which automated builds and tests are run. The integration may occur several times each day, verified by automated test cases and a build sequence. It should be kept in mind that automated testing isn't mandatory for CI.

Continuous Delivery is a DevOps software development methodology whereby all changes are delivered to production on a regular basis. Changes which include new features, error fixes, configuration changes etc. are made available in a safe, quick and sustainable manner.

Why Continuous Integration and its Benefits?

With continuous integration, developers input their partially complete work back into the central repository on a regular basis and then will run tests. This can help the developers in identifying what exactly broke a build and what steps are to be taken to mitigate the error. A continuous integration service automatically builds and runs unit tests on the new code changes to identify errors right away.

1. Detect and Resolve Bugs Earlier

With more frequent testing, it becomes easier to discover and address bugs before they grow into larger problems later.

2. Deliver Updates Faster

Continuous integration saves time and helps team deliver updates to their customers faster and more frequently.

3. Improve Developer Productivity

Continuous integration helps your team be more productive by freeing developers from manual tasks and enabling an efficient workflow.

4. Cost-Effective Process

Since the bug count is low, manual testing time is greatly reduced and therefore the clarity increases on the general system, it optimizes the budget of the project.

Why Continuous Delivery and its Benefits?

Continuous delivery is performed to make the deployment predictable and scheduled. This is achieved by maintaining the code in a state where it can be deployed on demand even with an entire team making constant updates to it.

1. Reduced Risk

With constant delivery and checks on builds, it is ensured that a build can be delivered easier, faster and seamlessly.

2. Improved Quality

Constant automated checks mean that testers can now focus on the other aspects of the application like scalability, performance etc.

3. Cost effectiveness

A product goes through multiple releases throughout its lifetime, including enhancements and bug fixes. With the deployment issues out of the picture, the cost of multiple release comes down.

4. Happy Team, Better Product

Seamless handling of releases means the workload of the team is reduced greatly. Also, implementing new features and changes based on user feedback becomes painless.

How Celestial Assists in Continuous Integration and Continuous Delivery?

We can assist you in implementing fully automated builds compatible with various platforms, different sets of unit tests, user access tests, and debugging. Since we work on a time-bound cycle, we make sure that release isn't delayed from a pre-determined schedule. Working with us could free you from handling tools, servers, and other components besides overseeing development pipeline and preserving version control of your application.

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