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In the current marketplace, there is a need to deliver software at a very rapid pace with new functionality to be ahead in the competition. One of the biggest challenges that the IT organizations face is to maintain equilibrium between market demand and software delivery. Celestial follows Agile Development process to achieve this goal and DevOps as an operation plays an important role in ensuring acceleration of software delivery at frequent intervals.


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Celestial follows DevOps methodologies and practices that enable improvement in Web/Mobile application release time, quality and operational efficiency. As part of our Strategy Consulting services, Celestial DevOps experts study the business needs and current operational maturity. Based on the study, our experts provide advisory feedback based on strategic insights and develop an implementation roadmap over a period of time to get DevOps practice operational.

Image   DevOps Template Design

As part of DevOps Template Design services Celestial DevOps experts design an application blueprint that enables architects and developers to capture in ONE document, all the application knowledge essential for successful deployment. This is a live document as the application goes through continuous build and integration process.

As the developer plans to deploy the app, he defines a Deployment Profile to bind the app to a specific deployment environment and deploy it, thus enabling late binding of the app to the infrastructure/IaaS platform.

When the app is handed over to QA and Testing team, they would define their own deployment profile to bind the app to their environment.

Finally, the Production team binds and deploys the app to Production environment. Since the app blueprint is defined once and contains all knowledge about dependencies and app configurations, the time it takes to move the app from dev to test to production is significantly reduced.


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There is a wide array of tools available in the market to implement the DevOps roadmap. These tools are both proprietary as well as open source and need expert guidance to select the right tools based on the customer requirement.

In line with the business outlook, budget constraints and other technical conditions, Celestial DevOps experts look at various options available and provide guidance on the most efficient and optimal tools to design and implement the DevOps blueprint for the application development.

Celestial DevOps team also provide training and hand holding to the customer’s resources to bring the team up to speed and become hands on and self-reliant on these tools.

Image   Migration Services

Celestial provides DevOps migration services to scale up the entire operation inline with ever increasing demand on accelerating the software release cycle. This comes into picture when there is already DevOps practice being followed by a customer but with limited resources related to Compute, Storage and Network infrastructure.

Celestial DevOps experts can support the customer to migrate the existing DevOps operation to Cloud platforms and scaleup the entire operation. This activity can also benefit the customer in reducing the overall operational expense in terms of physical IT infrastructure and corresponding administrative resources and increasing the efficiency and productivity of the development and QA teams.


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Celestial DevOps practice group has experts in implementing and deploying the DevOps strategy and making it operational from scratch. Depending on the customer roadmap, product requirement and budget constraints, Celestial team initially comes up with a Proof of Concept (PoC) that is scalable.

Depending on the outcome of the Proof of Concept, Celestial DevOps team can scaleup the entire DevOps process on various cloud platforms as well as on in-house IT infrastructure and make the process operational. Technical Support is also provided to the customer on the implementation within the SLA guidelines.

Image   DevOps as a Service

Organizations who provide mission critical Web/Mobile applications solutions depend heavily on IT infrastructure for supporting smooth operations 24/7. However, these organizations are also facing a stiff competition from other solution providers, due to which they are always under tremendous pressure to deliver updates to the Web/Mobile application quite often. This leads to a large investment in IT infrastructure and resources to maintain, which is not exactly the core area of expertise.

By outsourcing DevOps process to a trusted partner, these organizations can completely focus on developing and testing new features or products and thereby enhancing their revenue significantly. Celestial has a well-defined DevOps practice with key resources having several years of experience in this domain. Celestial can play a vital role in managing the entire DevOps practice and ensuring availability of resources 24/7. This can be achieved by setting a dedicated Center of Excellence for DevOps that is customized and is available full time for customer’s requirement.


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