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React is a Javascript library developed solely for the purpose of UI designing. It was developed in Facebook to facilitate the implementation of reusable, interactive and stateful UI components.

Why ReactJS

Yeah, ReactJs is just simpler to grasp right away. The component-based approach, well-defined lifecycle and use of just plain Javascript make React very simple to learn, build a professional web (and mobile applications) and support it.

Component-based approach

Entire page distributed as a collection of view components. Each component has its own State and Render Method.

Unidirectional Data Flow

With one way data binding, the results of view are immutable. Using reconciliation process, the views are recreated on every change.


Abstract away the DOM and does all operations on the Virtual DOM before updating the real DOM.


Using Virtual DOM, the changes are synchronized extremely fast. One can mix HTML with Javascript using JSX syntax.

Why Celestial Systems

Detailed application analysis

In depth analysis of proposed application & Detailed feasibility study.

Requirement Gathering

Gathering requirements on an application and requirement documents

Strategizing the flow

Designing Strategized flow to get business logic and Designing Strategized flow to get business logic.

Designing of UI / UX

User Focused UI wireframing and designing Application layout and mockup

Idea into quality product

Select the right technology, Implementation of idea into a quality end product and thorough testing at different levels

Deploying product

Deploying the product live once it is developed and Continous Maintenance and Support


All what you want in your Web App

Why choose React Native ?

If you’ve spent any time in the mobile space, either as a user or as a developer... >>> more info

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