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Engagement Models

Celestial offers a wide range of value added Professional Services to complement Core IP Development for its customers. Our flexible and customizable engagement models allow our customers to choose the best for their strategic requirement thereby offering a complete solution package.

Image Fixed Price

Key Features

  • This Model is a pre-packaged with all-inclusive solution
  • Celestial commits to deliver according to pre-set deadlines and budgets
  • Best for projects with well-defined deliverables
  • Available if customer wants no-research approach


  • Finalised Price for the scope of work defined.
  • Zero involvement for client for Project Management
  • Defined Deadlines for milestone delivery


  • Milestone Based Invoicing
Image Time and Material

Key Features

  • This Model balances flexibility of Offshore Development Team Model with no-research approach of FP Model
  • Customer can dynamically add extra tasks and resources to the project while maintaining control over budgets


  • Task allocated to stable full time resources
  • Fully transparent process in task allocation and reporting of effort utilization.
  • Flexible process to scale up/down the team based on budget
  • Flexible to add/remove features based on changing requirement


  • Monthly Invoicing
Image Offshore Dedicated Team

Key Features

  • ODT Model gives customer full control over the development process
  • ODT is an extension of customer’s in-house team
  • Members of ODT are hand-picked by the customer from our database of IT specialists as per the pre-defined criteria
  • The ODT complies with all the customer’s corporate practices and development methodologies


  • Building of a custom team based on technology stack definition by the customer.
  • Customer gets full control over resources and process for day to day management for project execution.
  • Readymade Infrastructure and Support services related to IT, HR and Admin provided by Celestial.
  • Celestial takes care of local statutory compliances.
  • Flexible business terms offering to take over the entire ODT team by the customer.


  • Monthly Invoicing

Hybrid Teams with Nearshore presence in Canada

For streamlined communication with the Customer, Celestial also offers a Hybrid Engagement Model, where in key Program Managers and Architects are based out of US/Canada and a bigger technical team based out of India. This ensures optimal utilization of resources to provide timely delivery of high quality with substantial reduction in cost.

How this works


Hybrid Teams Structure with Flexible Business Model

  • US Based Software experts for local interaction, Planning, engineering Management
  • India based software development, Test/QA, Support team
  • Effective sprints cycles with proper feedback integration
  • DevOps for efficient product Management
  • Goal oriented project management for better results
  • Achieve much lower operational cost

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