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Software Testing: Boundary Value Analysis & Equivalence Partitioning

Software Testing is imperative for a bug-free application; this can be done manually or even automated. Although automation testing reduces the testing time, manual testing continues to be the most popular method for validating the functionality of software applications. Here, we are explaining the most important manual software testing techniques.

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TestCafe: A Perfect Automation Tool for Web-based Applications

Whenever a test engineer thinks of turning their manual effort of testing web applications into automated scripts, Selenium is the first tool that they would opt for. According to surveys, most Automation Test Engineers use Selenium in their projects. Choosing a perfect automation solution for any organization is a challenging task. Most of them seem to opt for open-source solutions.

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An Introduction to .NET Framework

.NET is a framework to develop software applications. It was designed and developed by Microsoft and the first beta version got released in 2000. It provides a controlled programming environment where software can be developed, installed and executed on Windows-based operating systems. It contains many class libraries known collectively as Framework Class Library (FCL).

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