Mobile applications are at the core of digital transformation across industries today. Customers now have a choice to effortlessly switch to alternative mobile applications and are increasingly intolerant of poor user experience, functional defects, below-par performance, or device compatibility issues. Mobile testing of applications is therefore now a business critical function.

Many organizations are not fully equipped to handle the complexity and scope involved with testing for and with multiple mobile platforms, devices and services. There has been a shift of strategy in the Mobile Testing Solution from just traditional functional testing to more emphasis on Security testing, Performance Testing, Compatibility and functional testing. Even those organizations with a solid testing foundation encounter challenges with mobile testing, including:

Platform , OS and Device fragmentation
Mobile device's physical characteristics
User experience
System integration
Managing app distribution

Our QA Services for Mobility Domain:

Mobile Functional Testing
Mobile Compatibility Testing
Mobile User Experience Testing
Mobile Test Automation
Mobile Performance Testing
Mobile Security Testing



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