Growing operating cost and lack of performance & scalability potential in many enterprises' proprietary applications or home-grown systems have led their decision makers to consider Open Source migration to meet their uprising business needs. But migrating to open source software with desired success is quite a challenge. Celestial's proven engineering practices and technical expertise in open source migration enable businesses to mitigate extra expenses, down-time, security issues and business rule violation.

Major Challenges for Open Source Adoption:

Large customization requirement to bridge gap between the existing system and newly adopted system as well as building new functionalities in the process

High volume of data migration execution with better data integrity, and without data loss and lapses in data security

Resolution of issues like usability, stability, reliability, inter-operability, upgradation and performance

Need of mature migration framework / methodology and focused expertise on Open Source Migration

Seamless integration of business-critical applications, CRM, CMS, BI, E-commerce, etc. to gain business benefits under one roof

Migration costs

Ongoing support to resolve critical issues

Open Source is an approach to design, develop and distribute software, which offers practical accessibility to a software's source code. Open Source applications are a better way to implement solutions within short span of time.

Our team of Open Source experts at Celestial help in open source customization of different products to suit our clients' needs by creating/designing templates, adding custom modules or changing the core functionality in the product. We help our clients by identifying, customizing and implementing the right open source product/tool for our clients' requirement, considering the number of options that are available in the world of open source.



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