A growing number of organizations are considering a move to public and hybrid clouds to increase business and IT agility, compete more effectively, and replace outdated data centers and applications. Unfortunately, migrating enterprise applications carries risks of delays, service interruptions and project failure. Many organizations don’t fully understand connectivity and performance issues and can take months or even years to decide what to move and where to move it.

To lead organizations through this journey, Celestial provides a managed suite of Cloud Migration Services that employ a global professionals and best-in-class technologies to thoroughly assess the options, ensure a successful migration and also provide value added services such as to manage the cloud environment.

Celestial Cloud Migration Services offer a standard, repeatable methodology and reference architecture to plan and migrate applications, data, operating systems and configuration − based on the organization’s requirements. These services shorten project timelines and lower costs when migrating to public clouds or between clouds, data centers or virtual platforms.

Harness the as-a-service benefits of public clouds such as Amazon Web Services, Microsoft Azure and other cloud platforms faster, while working with a single provider for infrastructure, migration and hybrid cloud management.

Celestial can manage complex hybrid cloud transitions and deliver Infrastructure as a Service that integrates both private and public cloud into an effective entity.



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